Origin, history and identity

At DINS Santi Taura, we offer a gastronomic journey through our history, customs, recipes and products, respecting the change of seasons and the ideal time for consumption.

We offer a unique gastronomic experience based on the traditional cuisine of the islands and made with seasonal ingredients from local origin. Our guests can choose between our different proposals, DINS Santi Taura (tasting menu) and DINS a la carte, also our wines selection.

The cuisine of an island is an excellent example of adaptation to the environment, although Mallorcan cuisine is not only rooted in the products and its land but also a cultured cuisine closely linked to its history.

A myriad of cultures have landed on our island leaving their gastronomic mark. We know what some of our ancestors ate from the Roman Empire, throughout the late Middle Ages, preserved in Arabic recipes, Christian and Jewish texts, all the way until today.

We have found the perfect location in harmony with our style of cuisine, Sa Calatrava, within the original walls of the old town of Palma, a rich, eclectic neighborhood with centuries-old culture and whose streets speak so much of the history of Mallorca.

Would you prefer the essence of Santi Taura yet in a relaxed and casual atmosphere?

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