Tasting Menu ORIGENS


Composed of 11 steps where you will enjoy the traditional Balearic recipes and seasonal products under the care and attention of our team.

Includes water and coffee service.
It does not include snacks or digestives

Available between 1 and 6 people

Available between 1 and 6 people

General conditions

* At Dins Santi Taura Restaurant, we prepare and cook the history of the islands, based on the recipe books and the seasonal products of Mallorca, with updated takes on the cuisine without losing touch of its roots.

* On the menu you can find a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, dairy, cold cuts, eggs, nuts, wheat, legumes.  If you have any allergies, intolerances or simply do not like any ingredients, just let us know at the time you make the reservation and we will gladly adapt the menu.

* Expiration date: you have a maximum period of 6 months to place your reservation.


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