Dins Santi Taura

Santi Taura’s most personal bet, the commitment to cook the history of Balearic cuisine through a unique ORIGENS tasting menu.

Cor Barra i Taula

The most informal bet of the group, located in the center of Palma, next to the main covered market of the island, offers tapas and rations to share.

Restaurant Urbà

Urbà is a cosmopolitan concept, with preparations designed for sharing and combining local ingredients with more international formats carried out by Santi Taura and his team.

Restaurant El Vicenç

A la carte restaurant based on local produce and located in the Hotel El Vicenç de la Mar located in an idyllic setting in the north of Mallorca.

Restaurant U Mayol

U Mayol restaurant offers a gastronomic proposal based on a very personal mediterranean soul cuisine, created by Santi Taura and his team
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